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Teachers of Excellence



Teachers of Excellence

Teachers of Excellence candidates demonstrate a dedication to innovative English/Language Arts instruction and a commitment to guiding all students to find their voices through literature and composition.

Teachers of Excellence 2024 nominations coming soon!

Stay tuned...

Teacher of Excellence 2022

Juanita Ramirez

Elementary Teacher of the Year 2022

Juanita Ramirez is a Bilingual Teacher at Lively Elementary School in Irving ISD.

“[They] were the ones who taught me that students’ mistakes and past do not define them or their future, and they should always be given opportunities for redemption."

Whitney Kelley.png

Whitney Kelley

Secondary Teacher of the Year 2022

Whitney Kelley is an AP English Language and AP Seminar teacher at Lebanon Trail High School in Frisco ISD. 

“AP Language is a ‘life course’ that helps students decode what others are saying, while providing them the tools to say it back and influence those around them,” Kelley said. “Once students have the power of reading, writing, sharing and interpreting the language, they are unstoppable.”

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