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Giving the Gift of Reading: Curated Book Boxes

Curated book boxes are all the rage and everyone gets excited to receive them!

Last year, I heard a friend share about giving handmade gift boxes as gifts and that got me excited to share my love of books with my own friends and family. Shortly after I read her story, I began creating book boxes for my loved ones. My first book box was created and gifted to my precious grand-daughter, Logan Kate, when she was born. I had the materials ready and packed to travel with me when I went to await her arrival. My goal is to pass on my love of literacy to the next generation that is joining our family. For Logan Kate’s first book box, I carefully chose two very special books. First, I included The Wonderful Things You Will Be because I want her to know that her opportunities are endless. Next, I added Strong is the New Pretty because I want her to be strong and courageous in whatever she chooses to do. Then I added some cute accessories, an elephant adorned with sensory tags and the infamous teething giraffe that all babies soon to love. As I built the book box, I pictured days that we will spend together sharing special stories. The book box was a small gesture but as she gets older, I hope that they have a special place in her heart and convey my boundless love for her.

Happy reading,

Christie Lambert

NTCTELA President

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