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Conference 2023

Friday, June 9, 2023

8:30 - 3:30

William P. Clements Jr. Leadership Center

148 Douglas Ave, Dallas, TX 75205 

PASSAGE: The Healing Power of Stories

It's that time of year... convention time! Register now for our upcoming conference located at the William P. Clements Jr. Leadership Center on June 9, 2023. Join us to hear from our amazing speakers, engage in insightful discussion with fellow educators, drop into our wellness and relaxation booths as well as dive into our curated selection of books from world-renowned authors. Get ready for the best convention yet!


Gretchen is a popular workshop presenter, longtime teacher, winner of the NCTE's James Mofett Award in 2010, founder of A Trail of Breadcrumbs website for teachers, and author of Text Structures from the Masters (and others in the series),  Crunch Time, The Story of My Thinking, and much more!  Check out "A Trail of Breadcrumbs" below to get to know one of our amazing presenters for NTCTELA's 2023 conference.

Rebekah is the co-author (with Allison Marchetti) of Writing with Mentors, A Teacher's Guide to Mentor Texts,  and Beyond Literary Analysis. Rebekah is still in the classroom, using her experiences to co-author a popular blog with Allison, Moving Writers, which focuses on writing instruction in middle and high school classrooms with an emphasis on voice and authenticity.  Check out Rebekah's blog and bio below to learn more about another of our fabulous presenters for the NTCTELA 2023 Conference.


Dr. Kelly Jameson is a therapist and speaker based in Dallas. Either in therapy or on stage, her goal is to promote self-reflection and growth in the life of her clients and audience/listeners. She is known for her casual, witty style which can make heavy topics—like changing your life -- seem not only realistic but enjoyable. We hope that having Dr. Kelly will not just provide insight for us as teachers into the social and emotional needs of our students, but also that she can enlighten us about how to take better care of ourselves in this post-pandemic "new normal" of day-to-day education. Check out Kelly's website below to learn more about another of our incredible presenters for the NTCTELA 2023 conference!

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Breakout Room Sessions

Continue to expand your educational knowledge and skill library by attending a breakout room. Choose which breakout session sparks your interest, grab a friend and enjoy! 


Exhibitor and Book Selections

Don't forget to stop by our author tables to purchase your own copy of our speaker's numerous titles. Can't wait till then? Click below to purchase our speaker's books directly!

Self Care Fair

Our self-care fair will have a wide variety of stops to visit to allow for replenishment of self-care within your day. It is important to prioritize your self-wellness in the field of education. Look out for more details on vendors attending our self-care fair during Conference 2023.

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